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exceptional Marbella Spain Marbella is one of Spain's cities that have thrived within a very little while. This former fishing village has beautiful in spanish now transformed into a hot holiday resort on the med coastal side. Rich in beautiful beaches and landscaping, It is a favourite pretty spanish girls place for most tourists visiting Spain. It has pots, Parks and incredible boulevards. Lovers will find its narrow superb lanes of Andalusia and Moorish cultures very romantic. The climate in beaches is warm and friendly and as you enjoy, You will get a chance to learn different unique sports, home theater and gastronomy. This region positive i will give you one unforgettable holiday of all times. the sea One of the considerations to behold in Marbella is the seaside, Which contains nice beaches and the bars. After basking and playing on the beach, get ready to experience a delicious fresh fish meal at the small bars. water sports are in plenty and the yachts which anchor here, Compliment the natural charm. Puerto Banus amazing yachts, eaterys and shops make up Puerto Banus, Which serves as the meeting point of Marbella. Shiny white structures make a great contrast with the blue dark sea, Which is very fulfilling to the eyes. monuments and Museums ronda has Villa Romana and Roman Thermal spars, Which are historic remains of old Romans, Who inhabited the area. a great bthe newsilica complete, dating back to to the 4th century, appear in Vega Del Mar, Which is an excellent treasure of Christianity. Other destinations include, The Moorish fortress, Iglesia de la Encarnacion and Bazan construction. The great works of Picasso are found in the Museum of recent Spanish Engravings together with other artists like Tapies and Miro. There is also archaeological Museum at Plaza de los Naranjos, Which has joining Roman objects. The amusement parks Arrollo de la Ripresa is one of the Marbella's best parks. It has Bonsai Museum browsing it and it contains collections of micro trees, The only one of its kind in Europe. Park of Alameda contains rare plants in its botanical garden, While Parque de la Constitucion has mediterranean flora and interesting Moorish styled buildings. Ballet performances and concerts are held here during summer, quite an attraction. Marbella is indeed elegant city that is worth the visit. Take your time and explore its goodness in your tour of Spain and take with you the beautiful memories that it has in store for you.