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Community Scoop Define romantic relationship Article Child lower income Action Group all of you, keeping track of much they earn, Should have the right to choose who they love and live with. But if you a single parent on income reinforce in Aotearoa, Choosing love is often a luxury could suit your budget. But if you a single parent on income service in Aotearoa, Choosing love is often a luxury is affordable. Find love with a affluent suitor, And Work and Income will cut your benefit on the presumption that your new beau will take over all your living costs because, you grasp, entirely Woman. If there's no sugar daddy to take on the that the state is currently shouldering in your part (Childcare is only a purchase when it's provided privately), Your new partner's income will still be counted as yours, there goes your support. And if you meet someone just as restricted in their income as you and decide you ought to live together, You be marked down to the WINZ couple rate. absolutely, you choose on the money or the love? And if you know what is anxiety this, Please explain how one can possibly factor what's best for the kids into that equation? ACC, IR and Superannuation all have particular entitlements and taxation, But WINZ has been incubating the uncharmingly retro Single Breadwinner throwback for over forty years now. funding 1973, The Domestic Purposes Benefit gave New Zealand women the financial independence they desired to get out of unhealthy relationships until they remarried and surrendered their independence to the next bloke, that is certainly. It's a mystery that not one effective wave of feminism has managed to reach WINZ's distant shores, But it's time to finally do away with the idea that women and their children (Because most single parent people are headed by women) Are the wants of their new partners. It's antiquated and hard to stick to, And it doesn't put child wellbeing at the centre. Should a single mum's children lose their financial support if she happens to hire a roofer she wants to build a new life with? And if her new partner can't sustain the price of this new family, Should they miss out on potential risk of becoming one? Almost every couple I know has different plans for their finances But fighting over who pays the bills is a luxury, A fringe selling point of not being disabled, Or having little in your care, or just being low waged. For those of us who need support because of types of conditions mostly beyond our control (ailment, Marriage broken relationships, Job lowering, An spinning out of control rental market) as early as we're in a (More on that fuzzy characterization later), We have no choice but to surrender what little financial diversity we have. And if our new partners do not want to carry us financially, They'd better keep their gap, considering that liaison could land us in jail. All it takes is a moldova brides disgruntled ex to make a call to WINZ and a study can be launched. I get that it is important to keep WINZ informed about my financial arrangements; the length support I need is relative to what I earning and my expenses. My problem with the desire to divulge my relationship status is that there's absolutely nothing in my relationship status that defines my income and expenses. My other problem is that it's with enough contentration in the age of DTR (That Define romantic relationship, for people lucky enough to be ignorant of the nuances of online dating) To define where your union is at, without needing to fit it into the WINZ definition. When WINZ decides you are in a they mean the nature of marriage and they figure you'll know that inside six weeks. MSD fraud inspections have recently been described by the Privacy Commissioner as excessive and inconsistent with legal requirements But Viv Rickard, Deputy leader of Service Delivery at MSD, Has explained that relationship fraud investigations are necessary because of the time people didn't provide the important information when we asked them directly. well, yeah. You try giving direct answers to subjective questions like you give each other emotional support and lasting love? About asking something quantifiable instead something actually moldova women relevant to the supply of financial assistance? or maybe: Telling us about your warm life, Because it's immaterial, the wrong, And creepy of us might, Please use this handy online form to detail your income and expenses, as well as any that are shared. But even after MSD were told they were breaching people's privacy with their fraud research because they weren't checking with people first, They have continued to assert that they're allowed to decide case by case whether they have to check with suspected fraudsters before going all die hard ex cop behind the scenes. I guess privacy is yet another luxury that people on assistance aren't entitled to. MSD's researchers, Like a sad mash up of low brow detective drama, Orwell's your government and the tacky reality TV version of it, Have been scouring people's personal texts for hot messages or pics and using that back alley evidence and the help of curtain twitching neighbours to corner people who don think they almost married. You'd think a steamy text could go either way as evidence of a marriage type loving, But that murky definition makes way to prosecution. How did we get to the place where an intimate message, Harvested by a government department acting on third party evidence and presented without an unbiased judicial officer or a warrant in sight (Let alone legal illustration) Could cost someone a lot of dollars, Or time finally behind bars? I'm usually not condoning fraud if I was, I'd say pick tax evasion; It's far more profitable, The sentencing is lighter and you don't have to settle for tax people checking your phone for naughty texts but I do think we have to make the rules fair before we can impoverish kids and incarcerate parents for breaking those rules. If we're going to talk about wellbeing (And I think I heard that mentioned during the last budget), We need to put what best for kids in the centre of our welfare system. We're punishing people for failing to fit the Single Breadwinner of a Nuclear family model when you should be supporting and the children in their care. i'm a single mum in 2019. I need access to within your means food, home, health insurance and childcare, And a full time income wage, Not rich Gere. CPAG has joined with ActionStation Aotearoa calling on the federal government to urgently reform our welfare system. View and sign the case here. individuals Policy Institute (ppi), University of Auckland and CPAG have published a new report entitled Status and the Welfare System in Aotearoa New Zealand by study Olivia Healey and Jennifer Curtin for the Peter McKenzie Project. Read full report here.